Indoor Air Quality

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Eliminate Indoor Pollutants with Top-of-the-Line Indoor Air Quality Equipment and Services

Are you or a loved one suffering from severe coughing, congestion or having trouble breathing within your own home or business? Lyon Sheet Metal & Heating can rectify these issues with cutting-edge indoor air quality equipment designed to will clear harmful pollutants and particles from your home or business so you can finally breathe easy. Common pollutants like dust, pesticides and allergen particles infiltrate your home either by attaching themselves to your clothing, floating through open doors and windows, sneaking through cracks and walls or getting pulled into your ventilation ducts. Although ventilation ducts help circulate air throughout your home, they also ventilate dirty air throughout the system once contaminated.

Air Purifiers


Evolution® Perfect Air™ Purifier for Furnaces


Protect Your Home and Health: Eliminate Airborne Pollutants

Bryant’s highest performing solution that safeguards the air quality of your home by filtering, killing and inactivating 99% of particles, allergens and pathogens.


Preferred™ Series Air Purifiers

The Preferred™ Series Air Purifier is compatible with most indoor comfort systems. Its narrow cabinet is designed to fit almost anywhere allowing it to treat 100% of the air flowing through your system.


Preferred™ Series Large Fan-powered Humidifier


High-capacity, Fan-powered Humidifier Delivers Moisture to Dry, Winter Air

If you’re looking for cooler air that isn’t overly dry, this humidifier is a great option to keep moisture in the air. Humidified air tends to feel warmer, helping to keep your heating costs down through the season as well.



Preferred™ Series Whole-home Dehumidifier


Whole-Home Dehumidification for Comfort and Cooling Savings

Keep your home a comfortable cool and save money by getting extra humidity out of the air with a dehumidifier.

UV Lamps


Preferred™ Series UV Lamp


Protect Your Home Against Bacteria, Mold and Germs

Keep mold and bacteria out of the air in your home by placing Bryant’s UV lamp in your heating and cooling systems.