Heating & Heat Pumps

Reliable Heating Maintenance, Repair and Installation Services in the St. Cloud Area

Reliable Heating Maintenance, Repair and Installation Services in the St. Cloud Area

Installing Only the Best with Bryant™ Products

As a local company, everyone who works for Lyon Sheet Metal & Heating, Inc. understands just how important effective and efficient heating is for our Minnesota neighbors. That’s why we are committed to providing only the best heater and furnace service and installations. We can maintain and service all makes of heating systems, and we offer for installation the complete line of industry-leading Bryant™ products.

Heating Installation

When you call us for a free installation estimate, we will promptly dispatch a professional technician who will analyze your current system, discuss with you any relevant performance issues and provide multiple installation options based on efficiency and price. We sell and install all types of Bryant heating units, and have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get a properly sized unit with the best features for your home or business.



Evolution® System Variable-Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace

Model 987M

Unprecedented Comfort and Efficiency from Bryant

Get Perfect Heat® technology that adjusts based on the conditions, Perfect Humidity to balance the humidity level, multiple airspeeds and quiet operation when you choose this Bryant furnace model.

Evolution® System Variable-Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace

Model 986T

Exceptional Efficiency and Cozy Comfort

Keep yourself comfortable year round with this highly controllable model featuring Perfect Heat® technology. The variable speed will maintain a great indoor temperature during the hot and humid summer days and keep the cold outdoors in the winder days.


Preferred™ Series Variable-Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace

Model 926T

Your Home, Your Refuge

The consistency this unit provides can help eliminate those pesky problem areas in the home where the temperature always seems too warm or not warm enough. Keep the heat in all winter and humidity out during the summer, all with minimal sound.


Legacy™ Line Fixed-Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace

Model 915S

High Efficiency meets Durability and Value

This model’s insulated cabinet provides for an even less noticeable noise level. This furnace will keep your home or business warm and comfortable with the quiet you want.

Heat Pumps


Evolution® Extreme Variable-Speed 

Model 280A

Top of the Line Heat Pump, Top-Rated Performance

There’s a reason the Bryant® Evolution® Extreme heat pump qualifies as an ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2014 model. This level of cooling and heating efficiency is almost unheard of in a split system heat pump of this kind. It combines intelligent system control with variable-speed operation to provide premium comfort and energy savings.

Evolution® 2-Stage Heat Pump

Model 289B

Advanced Year-round Comfort, Efficiency and Reliability

This reliable, high-efficiency Bryant® Evolution® series heat pump offers up to 19 SEER cooling and 10 HSPF heating. With 2-stage operation, it delivers energy-saving comfort, extra-quiet low-stage heating and cooling, and enhanced humidity control during the hot, sticky summer months

Evolution® Variable-Speed Heat Pump

Model 288BNV

Taking Comfort and Quiet to Whole New Level

The highest quality available based on performance and efficiency with the total control option. Comes in variable speed or one- or two-stage units.


Evolution® 2-Stage Heat Pump

Model 286B

Enjoy Smooth, Consistent Two-Stage Comfort

The 2-stage operation feature of this model allows for easy adaptation to weather changes so you can best control the temperature and humidity in your home with high efficiency.

Evolution® Single-Stage Heat Pump

Model 285B

Versatility, Performance and Value in One Package

This model has a variety of options that help it fit both your space and your heat pump needs. Choose a capacity and size that works for you and get comfort and efficiency the way you expect it.


Preferred™ Single-Stage Heat Pump

Model 225B

Quiet Comfort and Year-Round Savings

A unit with the flexibility to quietly provide comfort in your home or business during all seasons.